Monday, August 31, 2009

Tip of The Month: Replacing Scooba Tires

If you own an iRobot Scooba (300 or 5000 series) you should know that sooner or later the tires will wear out. Your lovely Scooba robot will start slipping around tight spots and even get stuck; he will no longer have a tight grip on your home floors to get it clean efficiently. The good thing is that iRobot and other online vendors sell replacement tires and they are fairly simple to replace. Here are the steps:

STEP #1:
Turn your Scooba over with its belly facing upwards. Do this when your Scooba is dry and the tank is empty for better handling. Look for the two notches, as pointed out in the picture with red arrows, at each wheel motor enclosure.

STEP #2:
Press the notches with your fingers as illustrated in the picture.

Pull up the wheel motor enclosure while pressing on the notches. The wheel motor enclosure will come out enough to make it easy for us to remove the tire.

STEP #4:
Remove the worn out Scooba tire by using a Phillips screw driver.

Insert the new Scooba tire while taking notice of the two notches on the hub so it can be securely be placed. The way to make sure you place it correctly is by turning it and feeling the DC motor resistance. Continue with instructions in reverse to put everything back. I suggest you test you Scooba soon after the replacement so plan this out on the day you will clean your floors. Enjoy the tip!


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Nikolai Tesla said...

Hello albert! Welcome to DomesRO; great to know you find the post cool.

Unknown said...

Thank you! I bought the Scooba tires, but could NOT figure out how to replace them. Your step-by-step was just what I needed.

Nikolai Tesla said...

Hello Mark,

Great to know this Tip of The Month has helped you with your Scooba friend!