Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Karcher RC3000 Sold for America?

Karcher pulled out from selling their domestic robot Robo Cleaner 3000 (RC3000) from America some years ago. Many American consumers have come to appreciate the workmanship and uniqueness of this nice little floor cleaning robot but were unable to purchase it for this market. The great news is that Karcher is able to sell their RC3000 robot directly from Germany! One of these gems can be directly delivered to your home for approximately US$1550 (this price already includes S/H charges to the U.S.A.). This version of the RC3000 is made to work on 110V NEMA 5-15 systems found in many North/Central and South American countries. The following is the link to order this nice domestic robot directly from Karcher:

Karcher RC3000 - 110V America Model

They currently list it for €1280.39 Euros but this price includes the 19% VAT (European Union Tax) that people in America do not have to pay. Contact them to get shipping and handling fees to your specific country in America:

Kärcher Shop & Service Schreiber
Franz-Claas-Straße 12
D-33428 Harsewinkel

Tel.: +49 (0) 5247 - 98 588 - 0
Fax: +49 (0) 5247 - 98 588 - 19

Some of you may see this as a high priced floor cleaning robot but it is worth the price for the only current fully automated robot in the market! Let us know your opinion if you get to purchase one or already own a RC3000 in America.

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