Monday, November 2, 2009

Recharging My Hybrid Batteries

Wow! I have been gone this long?! I lost track of time. I took a "short" break from the domestic robotics grid in order to recharge my hybrid batteries under the nice Caribbean beach sun. Was it nice? Oh yes! I now have enough juice to run throughout the winter with no problems. Don't let those palm tree deceive you, they are really solar panels disguised as trees. Some kid buried me with sand while I was charging up with the solar panels. Please give me a day or two to get back on track and continue providing all of you with domestic robotics goodness. I am glad to be back.


Unknown said...

Yep, you do make me feel miserable being stuck in a cloudy and cold Stockholm :-) Was wondering where you where not writing any interesting articles. Thought you had a good excuse such as being ill or nothing interesting to write about (seems to me like a year with little advances in the robotic commercial market though I might be wrong) but now I see that you have just been lazy under those palm trees (nice one, solar panels :-) )drinking rum and smoking cigars :-)

Nikolai Tesla said...

Wow! All the way from Sweden! Welcome to DomesRO! I am glad that you follow this site. I know how you may feel but at least I provide you with a glimpse of what I enjoyed and my sensors did pickup the scent of cigars and rum. I have a couple of posts coming up so stay tuned because there is always news related to domestic robots somewhere in planet Earth!

Richard C. Lambert said...

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