Friday, November 27, 2009

Tip of The Month: Karcher RC3000 Maintanance

The Karcher RC3000 is the small yellow robot that could. Although it is a 2003 design it still is able to compete with updated domestic floor cleaning robots from 2009. The Karcher RC3000 is unique since routine maintenance is much less common compared to other currently available floor cleaning robots. Still, I like to have my robots at their up most efficiency by keeping them clean. In my case I maintain my RC3000 once a month but your mileage may vary upon the environment found in your home. Here are the basic steps to maintain your RC3000 in just about 5 - 10 minutes of your time:

#1: Make sure that the RC3000 has already dumped its collected dirt/dust at the base before you remove it.

#2: With a water damp clean cloth wipe all of the external surface of the RC3000 (do not use detergents or other chemicals).

#3: Clean the IR cliff sensors, found in the underside of the RC3000 (shown here), with a Q-tip or the tip of the cleaning cloth. This will help the IR cliff sensors to have an unobstructed field of view and avoid a preventable accident in the future.

#4: With a damp sponge clean out the accumulated grit on both of the main drive wheels until you see them as new (as seen in this picture). This will help the RC3000 to have a better grip on the hard floors and prevent slippage.

#5: Turn the RC3000 on its back, clean any dirt found by using a damp cleaning cloth after doing so pry open the bottom plate after lifting the two yellow levers:

#6: Carefully remove the air filter and cleanse it under a stream of cold water until it is clean (do not use detergents or other chemicals). This will help the robot to have a more efficient suction of dirt/dust when it is cleaning your floors:

#7: With the damp cleaning cloth clean out accumulated dust/dirt from the dirt bin area and air intake. Make sure you clean out the optical dirt sensors near the main brush. This will also provide a more efficient suction power when cleaning and improve dirt detection:

#8: Submerge the bottom plate under cold water and remove any accumulated dirt/dust from its crevices. Remove any wound up hair or debris around the fixed wheels (if any):

#9: Carefully remove the main brush as shown here. Remove any wound up hair or debris (if any) by using scissors. Be careful since the bristles can come out easily from the brush. Keeping the brush clean from accumulated hair/debris will improve dirt/dust pickup:

#10: Cleanse the main brush under a stream of cold water after removing any accumulated hair. Remove the main brush axle holder while cleaning it (do not use detergents or other chemicals).

#11: Make sure that all parts are dry before putting it back to your Karcher RC3000 robot. You can use a clean dry cloth or have it air dry. Enjoy your clean and more efficient Karcher RC3000!

I hope that these tips helps maintain your robot so it can provide you with years of good service.


Nikolai Tesla said...


Sorry for the late response but I am glad that this particular "Tip of The Month" has helped you with your Karcher RC3000 (Great floor cleaning domestic robot).

Lillie Jensen said...

Maintaining the Karcher RC3000 is reasonably simple.The manual covers how to open up the dust container spread,evacuate/clean the flat filter, and additionally uprooting/cleaning the brush.You ought to clean the cliff sensors also.It doesn't state with reference to how regularly one ought to keep up the robot.I know these changes from home to home.
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