Friday, February 19, 2010

Could Serge Be Your Grand Domestic Robot?

If you are into robotics (as I hope you are, you reading this aren't you?) and enjoy science fiction then surely you have been catching the series called "Caprica". Caprica is a spin off from the successful Battlestar Gallactica series remake. In the Caprica series a domestic robot by the name of Serge works at a home for a human family (Graystone). Serge seems to have been inspired by the Ballbot which is able to balance itself on a single spherical wheel while traveling about but what makes Serge interesting is the effortless ability to interact with humans and their home while providing a soothing human language response to commands. Serge practically is the brain of the home and it is able to freely move within it with a level of artificial intelligence that makes it seem sentient.

I have always had the idea to create something like Serge today. Many technological aspects already exist today. Here are some basic "ingredients" to create Serge in 2010:

As you can see, the basics are there and it is just a matter of time for someone to start rolling out Serge. Would you have a need for one? As computer are being integrated more and more into other systems (phones, cars, televisions, homes, etc.) it is just a matter of time to have them integrated into domestic robots in the likes of Serge.


Sanford said...

Have you seen the Anybot QB yet?

Nikolai Tesla said...

Yes! Definitely! But Anybot is an avatar and has no A.I. at the moment but that is the idea.

Unknown said...

great robotic approach. I have been investigating the laser SLAM technology from neato and am specially impressed with upgrade version used in the Neato XV-21 with has better processing speed and memory capacity


Nikolai Tesla said...

Hello Marc,

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and responding to it. I agree that the XV-21 has a better performing SLAM technology. Neato just needs to renew their cleaning mechanism to compete with iRobot's.