Monday, February 8, 2010

Dyson Stopped Innovation With The DC06 Robot

Mr. Dyson why did you stop your ingenious innovations with the Dyson DC06? Do not take it the wrong way, I do have much respect for your ideas for the home cleaning market which includes the much awaited DC06 a.k.a. "The Roomba Killer". Your bag-less upright and hand held vacs are great but you are trying to integrate what worked on uprights into a smaller and "smarter" package which at in real life will be just a failure.

I agree with fully automated and bag-less design but the Dyson DC06 is too tall, too expensive, too heavy and probably would not have enough power to run for over 30 minutes. Mr. Dyson, you acknowledge many of these issues but one, you need to make it smaller! Take a look at the iRobot Roomba, they got that part right! The Roomba is able to fit under the majority of home furniture and clean up those dust bunny breeding grounds for you. Mr. Dyson, you looked and studied what was wrong with the "old" upright vacuum design and made something much better out of it why not do the same with the floor cleaning robot?! Look at what iRobot does good and improve it! Re-think outside your Dyson vac box. We need more competition and your ideas of making "smart" domestic floor cleaning robots that is able to clean floors much more efficiently could be the ticket to kicking some of these "other" robot companies in the butt.

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