Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tip of The Month: Don't Move That Charging Base!

For those of you that own an iRobot Roomba floor cleaning robot AND have hard floors (tile, laminate, wood, marble, etc.) know that sooner or later the grip on the underside of the charging base will no longer be able to grip the floor correctly.

This is caused by dust getting into the bottom plate and on the rubber "boots" every time your dirty robot comes back to charge its batteries after a tough day cleaning your floors. After a couple of cleaning sessions the base will be easily dragged away, like a mad dog with his bone, by your Roomba on its next cleaning session. This issue will cause problems when it comes back to re-charge by wasting precious battery time by trying to dock on a moving base. You can easily clean it with a damp cleaning cloth but you will have to do this often and it can make you start thinking as to why you purchased this robot!

This problem can be easily be solved by:

  1. Purchasing a roll of non-slip liner material. You can find it and purchase it at your local store and/or super market for cheap.
  2. Take your charge base and place it on top of a square piece of the non-slip liner
  3. Trace an outline of the base on the non-slip liner material
  4. Remove the charging base
  5. Cut the non-slip liner along the outline that you drew previously
  6. Place the brand new non-slip liner at the bottom of your charge base
  7. Enjoy looking at your robot having a difficult time to move that base from its spot!

As you see, I personally allowed for an extra frontal lip area so the front wheel of the Roomba can get a nice grip towards the base and be less likely to miss it when it has to re-charge. Another note is that sooner or later the non-slip liner will loose its grip for the same reasons but it will take much longer to do so and to solve it just remove the liner cleanse it with water, dry it and put it back! Hope this helps all you Roomba owners enjoy your robot worker much more for years to come. Could this help other floor cleaning robot bases? It should, experiment and let us know at DomesRO, we enjoy reading from our fans!

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