Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Your Home Can Be Your Next Domestic Robot

In my last article, I mentioned another home control system. Nikolai and I went to take road trip, to a small South Florida firm, whose main business is co-location and network consulting. However the owner Rick Medina, was tasked to build a home control system that could control every aspect of a home.

The system controls everything you could want like outlets, lights, temperature and many other items. The kitchen oven can be totally controlled.

If a wireless router is not communicating, the system senses it and re-initiates it. The system has an array of cameras so that the home can be viewed from any room and even from a remote location. When the mailman delivers the mail a sensor in the mail box detects it and sends the owner an email that the mail was delivered.

This system is not just home automation its life automation. It has a customizable interface written in flash. The main menu gets you to places you need to access quickly.

When you choose the home option you will get a floor plan and a status of all the automated devices on the screen in real time. Doors that are open and closed, room temperatures, multiple alarm status are all displayed. You can control all of your domestic floor cleaning robots and even feed your pets! Click on an object turn it off on, etc. Simple.

Well the issue is as simple as it looks, the guy off the street can't duplicate this. I should say he can't duplicate this easily.

Programming is required, a knowledge of electronics is required, both digital and analog. For example you can't go out and get an x10 outlet and power every device with it. Some devices that have motors require special outlets.

The next issue, is that suppose that your neighbor down street gets the home automation bug, and now all of the sudden your lights all go on at 3 AM, what to do? Rick has solved all these issues and that’s why his system is custom built and custom installed. However you cant go wrong by having a professional do it, and Rick is definitely is a pro.

Post Inspired by fellow human friend: Bill R.

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