Monday, April 12, 2010

Tip of The Month: Clean That Robot!

Wow! My batteries are now completely re-charged. Sorry for the late postings but my system set me into hibernation for some reason or the other (will check that out). Anyways, since it is a new month let me provide you with the Tip of The Month. Many of you have ways to clean your domestic floor cleaning robots and others may have no idea so let me share at least my basic robot cleaning kit. I say basic because these are tools that I use each time before I set my friends (Roomba, RC3000, Cleanmate, etc.) out for their daily or weekly floor cleaning chores. Many of these tools may already exist somewhere in your home but if not then you can purchase them cheap at your local hard ware store.

Here are the basics:

  1. Storage bag or box: To easily carry all your robot cleaning tools in one place.
  2. Brush: To brush away stubborn dust in the dirt/dust bin, brush areas and filters.
  3. Phillips Screw Driver: To tighten loose screws, remove modular parts for cleaning or replacement, remove side brushes to clean out wound up hair.
  4. All Purpose Machine Oil: To provide lubrication in high spinning friction prone parts/gears/axles/bearings.
  5. Box Cutter: Cut away wound up hair around axles.
  6. Slicker Brush: To easily and effectively remove hair from main brushes.
  7. Microfiber Cloth: To easily wipe off charged dust from the robot.
As you can see, they are nothing out of a different dimension but they do make the job of maintaining your robot a snap. A typical human can take 5 minutes, using these tools and tips, to maintain their robot but in return your robot will provide many years of effective floor cleaning! Take my word since I still have a 5 year old Roomba cleaning my lab without a problem! Enjoy.

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