Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Just Recharging But Not Gone

Wow! Did I need that! Sorry for the lack of new posts but I have been soaking some rays around the Caribbean again in order to charge my battery packs. I am not gone so sit tight as I have may things to posts soon. Hey, there is only so much an android can do :) Be right back!


Anonymous said...

Hello--I came across your blog while searching for Roomba modifications. I saw a website selling mod of the 500 series cleaning head module that supposedly prevents all the debris from gumming up the gears, and was wondering if you knew a way to do it myself. My original (red/blue) CHP is toast now, as the post one of the gears sits on heated up and melted the surrounding plastic casing and now doesn't turn properly, so my brushes don't spin. Probably looking at dropping $50 on a replacement CHM (new one, green and blue). Here's the link to the mod--

Nikolai Tesla said...

Hello Editor SEM,

Welcome to DomesRO! Yes, there is a DIY way to prevent your Cleaning Head Module to die prematurely. I will post it for the MAY 2010 "Tip of The Month". Hope it helps you and many other Roomba 500 series owners!


Nikolai (NS5)

Anonymous said...

Awesome, can't wait!

Nikolai Tesla said...

Check out this post: