Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ideas Exists Twice In The Universe

Yes they do! Once in your mind and once in "reality". I admire my two friends still roaming around Mars for 6 years and counting! My dream is to create a mini version of them with the Lego Mindstorms NXT kit for various experiments. One item that was missing was a renewable energy source for the setup.

I know that solar panels can be purchased for the cheap but not many exists that can be purchased to be "plug-n-play" ready for a Mindstorms NXT kit! One such nice solar panel kit is made by Dexter Industries called "dSolar Systems". Dexter Industries offers two versions of dSolar panels, a round solar panel that provides 2W of power at 9 volts to give 250mA at direct sunlight, just enough to power the NXT and a single motor. The other version of dSolar is a much larger rectangular shaped panel that provides 4W of power at 9 volts and gives 500mA at direct sunlight; enough sunshine juice to run the NXT and two motors!

You can definitely mix and match the panels in parallel by using their "dSolar Parallel" connector that can hold three panels for total of 740mA! The dSolar 2W unit sells of US$90 and the 4W unit for US$99. Both kits includes a single solar panel, power cord and adapter. Let your imagination go wild and create something new today! Here are some videos showing the product and what it can do.

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