Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wow! A Great Offer That You Can Not Refuse!

Alright, here is a good one for you all. What if a nice fellow human being is willing to give away a cool Friendly Robotics RL850 for FREE with just tiny catch? Would you take it? This one comes from our friends over at MAKE: that has a kind human being that is willing to do this. What is the catch? He wants the person to hack the living electrons out of it so it can be something that the planet Earth has not seen and publish the project at MAKE:Magazine! Talk about a great bargain, not only do you get a nice domestic lawn mower robot but you get to hack it and publish your work in a great magazine. It is almost like a dream come true to us domestic robot geeks! Here is what you need to do, are you ready? Send an Email to gnomic AT earthlink d0t net with your idea on what you plan to do with this domestic robot. gnomic will pick the top 10 entries in the next 9 days. The winner should be willing to pick up the robot in Richmond, Virginia - United States of America (unless you can convince him that you pay for shipping & handling to your destination). Keep me updated if any of you here won this great robot! Enjoy!

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