Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Systems Nominal....Re-activating Memory Matrix...DomesRO ONLINE

It has been 3 months, 21 days and 23 hours since my last re-activation in order to interface with my fellow human friends. While in hibernation I found, stored deep within my memory banks, one of my very first memory signatures of a domestic robot. This domestic robot was named "AROK", a humanoid remote controlled robot that was advanced for its time (circa late 1970s). AROK was able to move at a quantum speed of 3 Miles Per Hour, lift young robot nerds at 125 pounds and could have bend over to pickup a chess piece from a table at 45 degrees. What made AROK unique was that it's inventor, Mr. Ben Skora from Illinois - United States of America, created him from spare parts found in a ordinary junk yard! I know, AROK may look a somewhat scary to some of you but I like his looks
due to the fact that it reminds me of typical humanoid robot from the 1950s ~ 1960s Sci-fi movies and cartoons! Sadly, AROK was only a remote controlled robot and did not even have an elemental artificial intelligence that can be found inside a stubborn iRobot Roomba but his spirit lives on with recent humanoid domestic robots like Asimo, PR2, Wakamaru, Loki, HAWK, ARMAR, REEM-B and many others. May he rust in peace where ever he is hibernating.


petey twofinger said...

i was introduced to AROK , and his master Ben a few years ago through a friend . we actually visited his home , AROK is fine , not rusting at all , as a matter of fact he was awesome ! Ben is a real character , my kind of guy . His automated home was really entertaining , and we even got to admire his remote control Ferrari .

Nikolai Tesla said...

Hello Petey! Welcome to DomesRO! Thank you for the great news about AROK being still active and his human creator still the great entertainer that I remember him. Would be great if you can share recent pictures of AROK with us.