Monday, January 9, 2012

Samsung Navibot S - Cleaning on The Right Path

Yes, Samsung could very well be the technological love child between Apple and Sony. The great designs and technological wizardry of both but not limited to just LCD Televisions or mobile phones but spilling over into domestic robotics territory for the past few years. Samsung is walking the path which I have been suggesting to all domestic robot companies! It appears that Samsung engineers have been reading DomesRO posts all these years? I really hope so. Soon, within weeks (almost smelling it), Samsung will start selling their Navibot S / SR8980 model (approx. MSRP US$1000) in Korea. What makes this particular model unique? How about a semi-autonomous floor cleaning robot that can:

A - Map out your room, so it can efficiently clean it
B- Take all the collected floor debris and dump it into a bag-less docking/charging station!
C- Has dual side brushes to clean better
D - Lower profile to fit under furniture much better
E- Great sexy looking design (as if the designers went to Apple and Sony schools to receive their PhD)

It has taken almost a decade for a domestic robot company to improve over Karcher's RC3000 great idea! Now, let us wake up from that Matrix-like dream and come back to this reality. Samsung floor cleaning robots has a couple of issues to address immediately in order to create the ideal floor cleaning domestic robot. First, they will need to improve dramatically on the cleaning mechanism that they are using in their Navibots. The cleaning mechanism is anemic at best, it reminds me of the Infinuvo Cleanmate QQ series that has poor suction and lack of counter rotating brushes. Humans get these robots because they need to effectively clean their floors! Humans can't do much technological wonders (a.k.a. Bells and Whistles) if it can't even help collect the dust bunnies effectively! Second, the navigation system requires improvement. Yes, it is efficient but not effective. Roomba with its aging cleaning mechanism and algorithms is able to effectively clean floors better compared to any current Samsung robot. Samsung currently has the best design and idea but requires to back it up with effectiveness, if they do then and only then will they have THE ideal domestic floor cleaning robot! Here is a short video of the Navibot S model taken at IFA (Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin) - September 2011. If you understand Italian then you are a better android than me! Enjoy.

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