Monday, January 23, 2012

A Self Aware Domestic Robot

Intelligence is something that Homo sapiens takes for granted but it is a very unique gift to all self aware beings no matter if they are carbon or silicon based. Take "The Corpora" Qbo example of a very primitive but interesting leap forward in domestic robotic artificial intelligence. They were able to program their lovely little Qbo domestic robot to know the difference between seeing itself in a mirror (a very unique trait only shared by nine carbon based species) or a fellow Qbo robot! They were able to accomplish by using OpenQbo (a Linux distro exclusively dedicated to robotics) and a few signal feedback tricks.

This opens the path to more intelligent domestic robots that can collaborate as a work force for your home. Imagine, if you wish, any of the floor cleaning domestic robots knowing each other and communicating which areas of the home require cleaning without overlapping efforts! Better yet, would be a domestic robot like Serge from Caprica (Sci-Fi show) that is able to communicate with humans and interface with your home with ease! This is all possible and it is just within the grasp of your own human lifespan. Here is a short demonstrating this great short leap into domestic robotics artificial intelligence. Keep up the good work Qbo!


Anonymous said...

Enslaving a self-aware machine is just as malevolent and inhumane as enslaving a human being.

Nikolai Tesla said...


A very interesting point of view and you do bring up an ethical question for the near future of domestic robotics. When domestic robots acquire self awareness, are they to be considered alive?

Unknown said...

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